Listed below are some of the documents and equipment that I use and love. Something missing that you’d like a recommendation on? Just let me know!


There is a lot of information available, both on the internet and in books, regarding food preservation. Some of it is good and some is really bad, providing unsafe recipes or out of date standards. Here I list the resources that you can trust for safe, scientifically tested recipes for canning, and other resources for brewing and dehydrating that are trusted sources.  The books I list are links to the site where they can be purchased (some are affiliate links), and the extension publications link to the free pdfs that you can download and print to keep in your collection of recipes. Click on the names of the resources listed for access to them.


The Ball Complete Book of Home Preservation
Ball Blue Book
So Easy to Preserve
Complete Guide to Home Canning and Preserving 

How to Brew
The Complete Joy of Homebrewing
Mastering Homebrew: The Complete Guide to Brewing Delicious Beer

The Flavour Bible
The Dehydrator Bible

Extension Publications

Extension service publications are a great place to look for safe, tested recipes and up-to-date information on food preservation and food safety. For a full list of extension publications click on the “Master Food Preserver Manual” link below. Select other publications are also listed individually.

Master Food Preserver Manual 

Using and Caring for your Pressure Canner

Canning Fruits
Canning Vegetables
Canning Tomatoes and Tomato Products
Salsa Recipes for Canning
Pickling Vegetables
Canning Seafood
Canning Smoked Fish at Home
Canning Meat, Poultry and Game

Drying Fruits and Vegetables
Making Dried Fruit Leather
Making Jerky at Home Safely

Freezing Fruits and Vegetables
Home Freezing of Seafood
Freezing Convenience Foods

Food Storage
Storing Food for Safety and Quality
Picking and Storing Apples and Pears
Storing Pumpkin and Winter Squash at Home

Food Safety
Ensuring Food Safety in Specialty Foods Productions
You can Prevent Foodborne Illness

Other Publications
Pickling Fish and Other Aquatic Foods for Home Use
Smoking Fish at Home Safety


Some of my favourite equipment that I use all the time in my canning and brewing adventures (most are affiliate links – many thanks!)

Basic hot water bath canner
New Ball electric canner – see review here
Presto pressure canner
Extra pressure canner rack
Ball utensil set
Stainless steel wide mouth funnel

Snackmaster dehydrator
Extra trays
Fruit leather trays

Basic beer brewing kit
Basic wine brewing kit
Gallon glass jug (great for small batches)
Mini auto-siphon (perfect for 1 gallon jugs)
Carboy bung
6.5 size stoppers 



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