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This page is designed to contain things that I post that are not a recipe per say, but rather other forms of information. To keep these posts easily accessible, below is a list a some of the aritcles I’ve posted. Something missing that you’d like to see? Let me know!

Master Food Preserver Series

Week 1 –  Food safety, sauerkraut and apples
Week 2 – Freezing, pie filling and soft spreads
Week 3 – Pressure canning low acid foods
Week 4 – Pickling
Week 5 – Tomatoes and cheese
Week6 – Drying fruits and vegetables 
Week 7 – Jerky, smoking fish and summer sausage


First Brews
Making my Merlot
Wort Chiller
My Mini Primary Fermenter
Fruit Wine


New jar lid recommendations
Low temperature pasteurization
Canning with clear jel
Making firm quick pickles – tips and tricks


Seed starting cost/benefit analysis

Other preserving

Gifts from the Kitchen 
Flavoured vinegar
Smoked Salmon

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