Have you been missing the babbling botanist?

Hi there blog! I just wanted to post to let you all know that I am still alive and planning on returning to you soon. Maybe you didn’t even notice my absence but yes indeedy I have been missing from the blog lately, but I promise it’s been for a good reason. The master’s thesis took priority for a bit as I am finishing up in a month! Crazy talk! This is what it looks like right now, and honestly I thought I’d be a little more impressed by it when zooming out but actually it kind of looks short to me. HA! Quality though, it is quality. I do still have to finish up a few parts which are not in here yet, this is basically chapter 1 of 2, but getting close. Anyways, stay tuned, the babbling botanist will be back to babbling before you know it! Wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “Have you been missing the babbling botanist?

  1. A thesis is a heave undertaking. Hope you do really ace it. I have missed your blog
    , looking forward to you being on line again.

  2. Here’s to your: Good luck. Perseverance. Completion. Success. (and better spelling–and grammar–than me and/or I.)

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