Carrot pulp crackers – save that juice waste!

For all you juicers out there who feel like you should be using that leftover pulp for something after you drink your delicious juice, this post is for you! Or, if you are just looking for a healthy cracker but don’t juice, shred up some carrots or other veggie for this recipe.

One thing that I hadn’t done yet with my juicing was to use the leftover pulp for something. I compost it, but it always seems kind of nasty and unappealing to me. Especially when I juice a bunch of things that are all mixed in there together, with chunks of peel and celery string that got caught. Eww. So I decided to brave just using the carrots first for crackers. I juiced all my carrots, set the pulp aside, and then juiced the rest. I recently had talked to a friend about making crackers from the pulp using flax or chia seeds, so I did a quick google search, found a few somewhat similar to what I was thinking, and made up a recipe – so here is what I came up with. Feel free to use whatever type of seed you like or whatever type of flour. Chia seeds are super good for you, so this seemed like a great way to eat them. Make these crackers gluten free if you want by blending up flax seeds, or using quinoa flour or something! Enjoy!


3 cups carrot pulp
1/3 cup flour
2 tablespoons chia seed
2 tablespoons sesame seed
1-2 tablespoons olive oil
1 or more teaspoons garlic powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon pepper
1/2 teaspoon paprika

Here’s what I did:
Juice a bunch of carrots and save the pulp. Mix it with all the other ingredients. Definitely spice it to taste with whatever you like, I think it could use more salt or more garlic powder.

IMG_1752 copy

Spread it out on a plastic dehydrator tray. Flatten down with the back of a spoon.

IMG_1759 copy

Dry at 135 F for 6 or so hours, until it is dry. I think it was around 6 hours for me with only one tray full, so it will be longer if you make a thicker layer or do multiple trays. I think the best way to do these would be to buy more dehydrator trays (those plastic inserts for fruit leather and what have you) then save a few days of pulp in the freezer and make a bigger batch. I have this dehydrator, which I am super happy with, but if you don’t have one, try this on the lowest setting in your oven.

IMG_1791 copy

Mmmm crispy crackers. Break them up into pieces and eat. They are good with hummus as in the first picture above 🙂 Next up I’d like to try some different spice mixes and maybe make them with beet pulp for a pretty purple cracker!!

IMG_1792 copy

Do you use your pulp when you juice? I’d love to hear about more ideas!


30 Day Juice Challenge

Today we are going to talk about juicing. The liquid fruit and vegetable, delicious tasting beverage kind of juicing of course, not the big muscles on steroids kind. Sheesh I know I look good, but how could you think that? OK so seriously what is juicing all about, and why should you try it?


Ha. OK that’s just a funny post I found while searching for juice recipes, I swear I didn’t live off wine for 30 days, as tasty as that sounds. Here is the real story. My sweet mama got me a juicer this year for Christmas. At first I kind of thought it was a strange gift, but hey I guess I’m hard to buy for? Sorry mama, I jest. Anyways, I took it home and got to juicing and never looked back. I have used it probably 60% of days since I first tried juicing and I’m pretty happy with it now. Mmmm juice. So if you’ve ever thought about trying juicing, been scared to try it, or just thought that juicing referred to steroids, then this is the post for you.

IMG_1431 copy

When I started juicing, I just started scouring the internet and Pinterest for recipes. It’s hard to know what random fruits and vegetables are going to taste good together. Trust me, if you like everything in a recipe, it doesn’t mean you’ll like that juice. However, same goes the other way, don’t poo poo every recipe with beets in it for example. You are crazy for not liking them, but seriously give some a try.

So here is my number one tip, sign up for the 30 day challenge at I restarted the challenge last week so I could show you the sweet “Challendar” they have. And honestly after 40 plus days of looking at it, screen capping it for you was the first time I actually noticed that didn’t just say calendar. But I digress. This challenge is awesome because it starts you out on simpler recipes. For example the first week is mostly various combos of carrots, apples, celery, oranges, lemon and ginger. Not too scary right? We’re not talking beets and kale and spinach yet week one, we’re easing in to it. So what’s on this challendar? If you click on the little shopping cart it will give you a list of all the produce you need to buy for that week (when you sign up, mine is just a picture, I know you tried to click it). Then each day you just click the day and check off the recipe when you finish it. Super easy right! I know you want to try it! So, note, this is not a juice fast, it’s a one quart a day juice. What I did was usually just drink it for breakfast. If you are really active and hungry I’d maybe suggest drinking it with a light meal.


So if you are still scared to try juicing, take a look at the pile of fruit and veggies below. It’s a lot right! But it will turn in to 7 quarts of juice. This is what you will consume week one. Or half this if you split the recipe with a friend like I do most days and just drink a pint. I really found this increased my fruit and veggie intake. Sure, maybe normally you’d be able to eat an apple a day or something, but 2 apples, 2 oranges and 14 carrots? I think not. Juice!!!

IMG_1338 copy

The juicer that I have is Jack Lalanne’s power juicer (click here to check it out on amazon). I am pretty happy with it, with only a couple complaints. Sometimes I do feel like the pulp that it shoots out the garbage end is a little wetter than it could be. Now, this is like a $100 ish juicer, whereas you can buy ones that cost three times that. Maybe they do a better job at getting the pulp really dry, but I’m not sure it’s worth the extra price tag, and this one is available at Costco and Fred Meyer! My only other complaint is if something gets a little stuck it vibrates like crazy and you think you broke it, but usually sending through another carrot clears it right up.

IMG_1321 copy

OK, a few more tips before you get to juicing.

1. Start with “simple” recipes. By that I mean start with only a few ingredients that you are likely to enjoy. Even if you don’t do the challenge, try a recipe with only 3 or 4 ingredients to start. The first juice I tried is pictured below. Sweet potato, gooood, peppers, gooood, beets, heck ya! But all together. Lord almighty don’t start with something like this. Apple, orange, carrot, pepper, beet and sweet potato, what was I thinking. I jumped right in the deep end and it took me all day to finish that juice. And oh boy did I finish it, even if it was mostly just to prove to the boy that it didn’t taste bad. Yikes, learn from my mistake on that one please.

2. OK that was a long tip 1. This one is simple – ginger is your friend. And lemon. I love the recipes with ginger and lemon, and especially if you are worried it’s a recipe you won’t like.

3. Don’t start in the winter. Well depending where you live. It was expensive and I don’t love buying cucumbers and things all the way from Mexico, so I am super excited that local stuff will be available very soon.

4. Buy in bulk – even though you will have trouble fitting it all in two crispers.

5. Don’t try inventing your own recipes until you’ve completed the challenge. Or at least tried some other people’s recipes if you aren’t doing the challenge.

6. Mix up juicing with smoothie making. Personally I don’t think it’s worth it to juice berries since they are so little and expensive, so I like to mix it up. Have a smoothie some days with bananas, which you can’t really juice, and some delicious berries.

7. Drink up, and enjoy!


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