Tomato Leather

My lovely man gave me a dehydrator for my birthday, so when we were making tomato sauce we decided to experiment with using the skins for something – tomato leather!


All we really did for this recipe was wring out as much of the excess liquid as we could and place the the skins in a nice even layer on the dehydrator trays. With the skins from 22 pounds of tomatoes we filled two trays. We seasoned it with lots of garlic powder, cayenne, salt and pepper. We turned the dehydrator on to 135 F, and left it overnight.


In the morning it was cripsy goodness! The tray that we had put on the fruit roll sheet wasn’t fully dry on the bottom so I transferred it just to the regular tray and left it another couple hours.


When dry, I cracked them up into pieces and put them in a plastic bag for a snack later. It actually tastes pretty good, I wasn’t sure what to expect, and it’s good for you!


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